Who am I



I got interested in yoga after reading Siddhartha back when she was a teenager, but it’s not until 2011 that I tried my first yoga class, and quickly became addicted to the practice. I moved to Utrecht (the Netherlands) for my PhD in 2012, and a class with Hiske van der Meulen convinced me that I had found the right place for my practice to grow. I love the (almost scientific) precision of the Iyengar method, and inversions, of course. I started teaching in 2015 and obtained the Iyengar Introductory Certificate in 2017. I enjoy teaching fun yet challenging classes, with an attention to details which will bring you deep inside your own body.

I am now moving to NYC to pursue my research at NYU, and am looking forward to keep on growing both as a yoga practitioner and teacher. I thus keep on following classes and workshops with senior teachers at the Iyengar Institute in New York, and am open to any teaching opportunities from yoga at work, workshops, private lessons, etc. I am passionate about the healing power of yoga and aim to be accredited to teach therapeutic yoga in the future.