How to practice the immunity sequence at home – covid-19 special

Hi all! I hope you’re all healthy in this time of pandemic. If you are stuck at home or avoiding yoga classes because of covid-19, I made a series of videos showing how you can practice the immunity sequence at home.

Quesaco the immunity sequence? It’s a sequence designed by BKS Iyengar which is supposed to boost immunity.

My problem with it? Most of my students are unable to practice many of the poses in that sequence. So I’ve prepared a couple of videos, vlog-style, which can hopefully help them (and maybe you, reader) get the benefits from the practice, whatever their physical ability, while using whatever they have at home as props.

So here we go, let’s start with 5 minutes of supported uttanasana:


Then we continue with 5 minutes of supported downward facing dog:


Next is 3 minutes of prasarita padottanasana:


Then I will be repeating myself in the video, but if you don’t have a regular headstand practice in a class setting you might be better off simply skipping headstand. However I do give an alternative if you are young and healthy but new to yoga. Please note that you should not be practicing inversions if you have untreated high blood pressure, glaucoma, if you are on your period or if you have a shoulder or neck injury.
Finally, after 5 minutes of headstand comes 10 minutes of headstand cycle which I will no go over in the video as this post is meant moreso for beginners, and beginners aren’t gonna be doing 15 minutes of headstand.


Following headstand comes 5 minutes of supported Viparita Dandasana:


After this comes the Sarvangasana cycle, which lasts in total 20 minutes with 5 minutes of Sarvangasana, 5 minutes of halasana and 10 minutes of variations. Here are two videos; Sarvangasana beginners should only follow the first video while intermediate students can use the second video for help in halasana.



The last pose before Savasana is Viparita Karani (5 minutes):


I hope this was helpful; if so feel free to share with fellow students. Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed it, and if you have other set-ups or anything that might help other people in their home practice.

Stay safe and sane (at least as much as usual!).



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