Post-certification practice

I was recently reading this article from Fanny and her doubts about the “after” of certification. My own “after” brought a lot of change into my life, since I did not only graduate from YTT, but I am also getting my PhD soon, and leaving Utrecht. I actually already have left Utrecht and will only get back there for my PhD defense in November.

So it’s not only a question of maintaining a practice, but maintaining a practice away from my routine. I’m gonna be on the road a lot in the next few weeks, with little space to practice, and no classes to give or follow (except for one exception on which a post is coming soon).

In the first few weeks after the exam, I started practicing a lot “for fun”. Poses which were not in the syllabus, different ways of practicing, finding the initial “wow” again. The training to become a certified Iyengar teacher is hard and very regulated, and I needed this breath of fresh air, outdoor practice and arm balances.

After that, I moved to a new place where I couldn’t practice at home, and I was very busy, so my practice suffered a little. I still managed to go to classes about twice a week, but didn’t do any home practice. But now that I’m “on the road”, I’ve funnily managed to get back into a structured daily home practice. I’ve been working on building up strength and time in inversions. At this point, I practice headstand and shoulderstand/halasana for ten minutes each, but I want to build up to 15 minutes and ideally 20 minutes. I don’t think I will ever manage to go longer than that, not physically but simply because I don’t think I can spare more time than that during my day (it’s 40 minutes of headstand + shoulderstand without any other practice), especially since I would like to further my pranayama practice as well.

Anyways, I don’t really know where I’m going with this, and it’s probably different for many people, but I think that after getting certified, it’s perfectly normal to practice a bit less or a bit less seriously for a while – but it’s highly unlikely that you will stop practicing altogether. If only because you know what practice brings to you, and even without the guidance of a teacher, there is inspiration everywhere, in books, the internet, and your own body.

I don’t know whose credit this is… But I often feel like the Hulk!

3 thoughts on “Post-certification practice

  1. Hi ! i could even not know this blog? i got a ping today that you mentionned my latest post in your article and there I am…i spent some time reading your posts and i really like your writings and reflections. Anyways thank you for answering my question about post assessment practice. I am holding very much onto my daily routine, because i know this is the only way I get to practice consistently… but i am also planning to move back to France in 2018, and am curious to see how this is going to work.. so simalar story over here. Am glad i got to know ths blog. Count on me to be a faithful reader. A bientôt comme on dit entre nous les gaulois 🙂

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    1. Hi! I’m glad you liked it / found it useful 🙂 I rarely comment on blogs, but I do read yours regularly. Your illustrations are always on point (I wish I could draw but it’s really not my alley!). Good luck with the assessment and moving, I’m sure you will find your way through. Vers où vas-tu te (ré)installer?


      1. Hello Nadia! on voudrait se réinstaller dans le sud, du côté de Nice… mais we’ll see what the end of the training and the new year ahead will bring 🙂 cheers from Hamburg !


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